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Re: Summary? (Or: my vote is for sale!)

On Monday 02 October 2006 21:36, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> About the "my vote is on sale" bit: I sell my vote against such a
> summary. Meaning: If I am satisfied by the summary I will vote how I
> think best. Otherwise, I don't intend to vote.  I might be biased towards
> what kernel/installer/release team members think, because I assume there
> is a bigger likelihood that such a decision will actually be followed by
> action.

As you seem to value the opinion of an installer team member, let me give 
you my personal vote: "Further discussion".

For the reasons, see:

You may wonder why I have not pushed that amendment harder. Main reason is 
that I was totally disgusted with the way the secretary felt it necessary 
to marginalize the amendment by declaring it a separate ballot before even 
a single other person had the opportunity to comment on it.


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