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Re: The current GR

This one time, at band camp, Matthew Vernon said:
> Hi,
> "Strongly recommends that all non-programmatic works distribute the
> form that the copyright holder or upstream developer would actually
> use for modification. Such forms need not be distributed in the
> orig.tar.gz (unless required by license) but should be made available
> on upstream websites and/or using Debian project resources."
> This does not appear to be correct English. Is there any procedure to
> re-issue the ballot with a text that actually makes sense?
> I presume it's meant to say
> "Strongly recommends that all non-programmatic works be distributed in
> the form that..."

It is correct English.  Your version says "the works should be distributed
in source form" while the original says "the works should also distribute
source forms".  The rest of the paragraph makes it fairly clear it's an
'also' clause (how could you distribute something in source form, but
not in the distributed tarball otherwise?).

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