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Re: Call for votes


On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 10:19:40PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> ,----
> |   1. We affirm that our Priorities are our users and the free software
> |      community (Social Contract #4);
> |   2. We acknowledge that there is a lot of progress in the kernel
> |      firmware issue; however, it is not yet finally sorted out; 
> |   3. We give priority to the timely release of Etch over sorting every
> |      bit out; for this reason, we will treat removal of sourceless
> |      firmware as a best-effort process, and deliver firmware in udebs as
> |      long as it is necessary for installation (like all udebs), and
> |      firmware included in the kernel itself as part of Debian Etch,
> |      as long as we are legally allowed to do so, and the formware is
> |      distributed under a DFSG free license. 
> `----

I oppose such a change.

this means we actually have to review all licenses before the release,
and completely contradicts the original intention of this GR.

If such a resolution was passed, the kernel team would either be forced 
to remove all badly licensed firmwares, even those required for 
installation, or we had to delay Etch until an appropriate infrastructure 
is implemented in all the installer, the kernel package and the non-free
firmware package.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler


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