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Re: Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

Martin Schulze wrote:
> > >   Technically, if Aj is deposed, steve will be as well. And as I
> > > if Aj is retiring from dunc-tank, then Steve's position has to be 
> > > clarified in a second stage IMHO yes. Nothing has been done
> > > Steve's position as DPL-Assistant, especially because it's 
> > > not "allowed" in the constitution.
> > 
> > Umh?  Why would Steve be disposed as well?  I'm missing a crucial
> > here, I guess.
> Oh, you were talking about Sledge and not about vorlon I guess, now it
> makes sense.

Umm, does it? I don't read the Constitution as saying that existing
delegations expire automatically when the Project Leader is changed. I
also don't remember having ever seen a newly elected DPL bother with
renewing delegations. To my understanding, once made, they remain in
effect until explicitly withdrawn.
However I don't remember whether the 2IC post was actually a formal
delegation, and am too lazy to check. In fact, as the 2IC doesn't seem
to have any specific power or responsibility, it could be disputed that
Steve was delegated anything.


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