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Re: Call for votes (Was: kernel firmwares: GR proposal)

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 10:41:24AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> As seconder of the below proposal, which has reached enough seconds since
> august 31, and as there where no ammendments against this proposal, i now
> officially call for a vote, as per section A.2 of our constitution.

> =======================================================================
> 1. We affirm that our Priorities are our users and the free software
> community (Social Contract #4);
> 2. We acknowledge that there is a lot of progress in the kernel firmware
> issue; however, it is not yet finally sorted out;
> 3. We give priority to the timely release of Etch over sorting every bit
> out; for this reason, we will deliver firmware in udebs as long as it is
> necessary for installation (like all udebs), and firmware included in
> the kernel itself as part of Debian Etch, without further conditions.
> =======================================================================

> As per section A.2.3, i should also propose a ballot, and i believe that the
> ballot should be of the form :

>   [ ] Include non-free kernel firmware in etch (this proposal).
>   [ ] Further discussion.

As I mentioned previously, I don't think point 3. here is the compromise I
would like to see.  "Without further conditions" is so broad that it seems
to even *require* us to include firmware in main that lacks any sort of
proper distribution license.  And indeed, the upload of a completely
unpruned 2.6.18 package to unstable suggests that this is not an accident of
wording, but the actual view of the present kernel team.

If this option appears on a ballot alone, I am likely to vote "further
discussion" on it and encourage others to do so as well.  I don't want this
GR to be a *mandate* that the release team allow firmware under clearly
non-free licenses into main for etch.

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