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Re: [AMENDMENT] Now is not the time to decide on firmware issue

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Frans Pop wrote:
>    (a) Affirms that the project strives for and encourages 100 percent
>        free software, including the availability of source for all types
>        of files.
>    (b) Resolves that the project needs more time before a decision can be
>        made on how sourceless firmware or other types of files (such as,
>        but not limited to, logos, images and video) are to be dealt with.

Except for the following request and reaffirmation above, the above
appears to be equivalent to further discussion. Is my understanding

>    (c) Requests the DPL to delegate developers to prepare position papers on
>        the legal and practical issues surrounding these types of files in
>        view of both of the project's chief priorities: "free software" and
>        "our users".
>        These papers are to be presented to the project for discussion two
>        weeks before Debconf 7 and should include:
>        * a classification of the different types of files involved;
>        * a summary of legal issues with regard to the different types of
>          files;
>        * alternative technical solutions for dealing with different types
>          of files, e.g. in the archive and in the installation system;
>        * a statement about whether or not changes are needed/wanted in the
>          project's foundation documents in order to realize the proposed
>          solutions and possibly a proposal for these changes.

The most the DPL can do here is request that people prepare position
papers; there's no power being delegated here AFAICT. [And indeed,
nothing in this section is actually related to determining what the
DFSG says currently, it merely requests the establishment of a
framework for future discussion. Revisiting our previous decisions is
always good idea, but I'm not sure that a GR is needed to do so.]

>    (d) Requests the DPL to facilitate the work of these teams by
>        providing access to legal counsel and other resources.

I'd like to believe the DPL is willing to work with SPI and the
counsel that we have available to resolve these questions, even
without a GR.

Don Armstrong

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whether submarines can swim."
 -- Edsgar Dijkstra

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