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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

* Martin Schulze:

> It's not about a timely release, it's about Debian directly or indirectly
> paying *some* developers for the work they signed up to.

But this is hardly a new thing.  The difference is that this time,
there is a debate.  Debian developers are currently not required to
disclose to the project (or the public) how they make money through
the privileges granted to them to the project.

The current situation is roughly this: Debian exclusively assigns some
roles to a few developers (either through delegation, or by other
means).  In some cases, it turns out that in this role, you can carry
out tasks that are commercially significant to entities outside
Debian, and you get paid for both your expertise and your privileges
granted to you by the project.  In this case, the decision who gets
assigned such roles by the project certainly has economic aspects, and
to me it seems that this suffers from the same risks as paying
developers directly.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to debate about
this publicly because we can't name any specifics.

NB: Ordinary package maintenance tasks are not affected by this
because we have well-established conflict resolution procedures and
ways to work around inactive maintainers.

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