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Re: {SPAM} Counter-proposal: reaffirm support for the elected DPL

Qui, 2006-09-21 às 10:08 +0200, Loïc Minier escreveu:
>  There's always None of the above, but I am pissed enough by the
>  attitude of some developers that I want to reaffirm support for the
>  elected DPL whatever he does to suppose Debian outside of the project.
>  (The text of the proposal is attached.)

The Debian Project reaffirms its support to its DPL.

The Debian Project does not object to the experiment named "Duck Tank",
lead by
Anthony Towns, the current DPL, and Steve Mc Intyre, the Second in
  However, this particular experiment is not the result of a decision of
Debian Project.

The Debian Project wishes success to projects funding Debian or helping
towards the release of Etch.

I second this proposal with or without typos...

And I hope my ISP's MTA doesn't mess with my signature... :)


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