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Re: Counter-proposal: reaffirm support for the elected DPL

On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 10:08:41AM +0200, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  There's always None of the above, but I am pissed enough by the
>  attitude of some developers that I want to reaffirm support for the
>  elected DPL whatever he does to suppose Debian outside of the project.

A recall vote falls under §4.1.1 of the constitution, and a position
statement such as the one you proposed falls under §4.1.5.  I'm not sure if
these belong on the same ballot?  I guess it's not so different from having
a ballot where some options amend foundation documents and others don't.

> The Debian Project reaffirms its support to its DPL.

> The Debian Project does not object to the experiment named "Duck Tank",
                                                              ^^^^ Dunc :)

> lead by Anthony Towns, the current DPL, and Steve Mc Intyre, the Second in
  ^^^^ led

> Charge.  However, this particular experiment is not the result of a
> decision of the Debian Project.

FWIW dunc-tank.org does not say that it is run by Anthony and Steve; they
are listed as two members of a five-member board.  So it seems a strange
defense against accusations of abusing his position to at the same time
claim he's "running" an organization that he doesn't claim to run :-)

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