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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

This one time, at band camp, Denis Barbier said:
> Again, the question is: is this organisation sufficiently "outside"
> of Debian when the DPL is intimately involved.  In my opinion, the
> answer is obviously no, meaning that this quarantine will not work
> and as a result may badly harm the project.  By recalling the
> Project Leader, we ensure that there is no confusion between both
> projects, give the Dunc project a better chance of success, and
> preserve Debian in case of failure.

So, just to be clear, you want to punish a Debian developer for their
activities outside of Debian?  That sounds like a really good thing to
start doing.  Can I be in charge of wiretaps in your brave new world?

I'm glad you're looking out for the good of Debian here.  Because, just
for a moment, this really looked like a good way to create a lot of
divisiveness and make things much harder than they already are.  But who
knows, maybe we'll be better off with DPL's that never try anything new.
Certainly a new idea is a punishable offense in most companies I've

So now that we're in crazy-as-batshit land, who do you want to bring up
on charges next?  

I suggest an inquisition.  Nobody ever expects that.
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