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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader




Denis Barbier wrote:
> Hi,
> Anthony Towns ends up his announce[1] about dunc-tank.org with these
> two paragraphs:
>     The first article[2] on the topic's already been
>     published; with one somewhat inaccuracy - this is not a
>     Debian project, and is being specifically handled outside
>     of Debian to both ensure that any conflict of interest
>     that might occur can be decided by Debian in Debian's
>     favour, and to allow other groups that have different
>     ideas about what priorities are important to encourage
>     contributions to those areas.
>     A question that has been raised is whether the
>     organisation can be sufficiently "outside" of Debian when
>     the DPL is intimately involved.  I don't have the answer
>     to that - in my opinion it can be, but whether this one is
>     will be up to Debian to decide.
> The article's title mentioned in the first paragraph is: "Debian
> experiments with funding group to release 'etch' on time".  Even
> if Anthony Towns and other Dunc-tankers claim that their project
> is not affiliated to Debian, external people will still see this
> project as being handled by the Debian Project Leader, and thus
> implicitly by the Debian project.
> But we, Debian developers, can make this confusion vanish, and I
> would like to propose that we answer to the valid question quoted
> in the second paragraph above by recalling our Project Leader, as
> allowed by our Constitution (section 4.1.1) and am seeking seconds
> for this proposal.
> Denis Barbier
> [1] http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/blog/2006/09/19#2006-09-19-omg
> [2] http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1964607233;fp;4194304;fpid;1

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