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Re: non-free firmware and d-i

On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 06:36:16PM +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
> What I not have see is a voting option like
>  [ ] Just document how to (re)build with non free drivers.
> I would like to see such an option. My main reason for it is
> my main reason for investing time in Debian:  Free Software

Bah, if you don't want to use non-free firmwares, then don't use it, it is not
because they are on the cd that you are forced at gun-point to install them :)

As said, the important part of this is to be didactical and inform the user
about the current state, and let him the ultimate choice, just like we ask the
user (or used to ask) if he wanted the non-free apt sources or not.


Sven Luther

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