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Re: kernel firmwares: GR proposal

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Right.  And the problem is that the d-i team seems to say to
> themselves, "as long as we never do the work, we can badger the rest
> of Debian into sacrificing the Project's principles, and the work will
> never be necessary."

Um, no. 

a) I told people at DebConf that I estimated the work would take 6 months.
b) Splitting the stuff out of the kernel is a precondition for the work.
   It's hard to implement something when the specifics of what it needs
   to deal with are unknown.
c) The only thing separating the d-i team from you (generously), is their
   time, knowledge, and inclination to work on d-i. You don't get to
   accuse volenteers of this kind of thing when you're not stepping up
   to do any work yourself. It's a good way to stop having volenteers.

> The solution requires a little stick to go with the carrot:
> "I'm sorry, but the fact that you dithered for eighteen months does
> not mean the Project must now sacrifice its principles so that you can
> dither some more."

Your characterisation of six months of intensive development as "dithering"
is absurd. I'll note that I consider this mail a personal attack on
both myself and many people I respect, and leave it at that.

see shy jo

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