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Re: Proposal - Amendment - allow hardware support from non-free into the debian system

MJ Ray wrote:
>         3. as a special exception to help users who have vital hardware 
> without free software drivers yet, the Debian system and official CD 
> images may include hardware-support packages from the admin section of 
> the non-free archive area which conform to all Debian Free Software 
> Guidelines except guideline 2 (Source Code), or an archive section/area 
> with equivalent requirements.

This is seriously flawed:

- It ignores all other installation media supported by debian (floppies,
  netboot, hd-media, dvd, etc).
- It says that certian packages from non-free are part of the "Debian system",
  which is a self-contradicting statement.
- It has this strange thing about only stuff from the non-free admin section,
  which is just totally weird. If we drop the useless sections for
  debtags, or divide a section, or decide to put stuff in some other
  section, it magically becomes not a part of Debian?
- It talks about non-free _drivers_, which have not been a topic of any
  debate. No one has suggested including non-free kernel drivers on
  Debian installation media or supporting them in the installer, and I
  am confident it will never happen, for many reasons.

see shy jo

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