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Re: Amendment: special exception for firmware because of technical limitations

Joey Hess a écrit :
Aurelien Jarno wrote:
Not also that I found sad that the DPL try to kill this GR with his latest mail to debian-announce. The problem is known for a long time.

How does posting straw polls of our users and developers to d-d-a manage
to look to you like an attempt to stop this GR?

Given the latest mail from Anthony Towns ("Firmware & Social Contract: GR proposal"), it looks like I was correct. He just try to stop this GR by proposing his own one.

If he wanted to help, it should have been done that before, not a 3 months before the announced date of the release. And also not while proposals are beeing discussed. He just want to be awarded because he
found a solution to the problem.

I wish that I had your mind-reading capabilities. No, strike that, your
world seems worse with it then mine without it.

Looks like my mind-reading capabilities are working very well, I should use them more often.

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