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Re: Amendment: special exception for firmware because of technical ?limitations

vorlon@debian.org wrote:

>> >Rationale: most of us want to release etch ASAP, and most of us want to
>> >remove the firmwares from the kernel ASAP. This is a way that shouldn't
>> This is false: most of us do not mind at all distributing sourceless
>> (or even not modifiable) firmwares in the kernel packages.
>I don't think you can legitimately claim to speak for *most* developers on
>this issue.
And I have no intention of doing it, I merely noted what has been and
still is the prevalent opinion on the issue that can be observed on
our mailing lists and in its practical effects: it's obvious that there
is only a small number of people, some of them not even developers, who
"want to remove the firmwares from the kernel ASAP".


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