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Re: Amendment: special exception for firmware because of technical ?limitations

joss@debian.org wrote:

>Rationale: most of us want to release etch ASAP, and most of us want to
>remove the firmwares from the kernel ASAP. This is a way that shouldn't
This is false: most of us do not mind at all distributing sourceless
(or even not modifiable) firmwares in the kernel packages.

>stop the ongoing work on both of these issues. The wording makes it
>clear that as soon as the kernel and d-i are able to use split out
>firmwares, the migration will have to be done. This way we won't
>discourage the work from Nathanael Nerode and other people who worked
>hard so far to remove the non-free blobs, and we won't hold etch
>development because of that issue.
We are not discouraging them, the upstream kernel maintainers did when
they clearly showed that they could not care less about their patches.


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