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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 12:57:58PM -0600, Hubert Chan wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:25:49 -0700, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> said:

> > N.B., I would object to having any ballot options on the same GR that
> > consist of this same draft with point #4 stricken, because assuming
> > rational voters I would expect the voters who approve of that option
> > to be a strict superset of those who approve of my proposal, and I
> > would call on the Project Secretary to exercise his authority to keep
> > these two proposals on separate ballots to avoid prejudicing the
> > outcome in favor of a "watered down" option.

> Maybe I don't quite understand your concern correctly, but isn't this
> one of the advantages of using Condorcet?  i.e. if we had points [1-3]
> on the same ballot as points [1-4], even though the number of votes for
> [1-3] compared to NOTA would obviously be higher than the number of
> votes for [1-4] compared to NOTA, the thing that would determine whether
> [1-3] wins, or [1-4], would be the ranking between those two options
> (assuming both win compared to NOTA).  So those who agree with point 4
> should rank [1-4] higher than [1-3] (and those who don't would obviously
> rank it lower).  Hence if more people agree with #4 than disagree with
> it, then [1-4] should win over [1-3].


This old thread describes a mechanism by which to ensure that any resolution
fails by losing out to a watered-down version of itself, regardless of how
much support the resolution in question enjoys among developers.

Our voting mechanism is *clone*proof, preventing multiple identical ballot
options from influencing the outcome; but it's not proofed against influence
by toothless variants that will inevitably appeal to a broader constituency
because they say less of substance.

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