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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [060722 01:20]:
>         While I have no interest in rushing this proposal to a vote,
>  and would like for us to have ample time to consider all angles and
>  options, I should also note that the SPI board has no say in
>  Debian's technical or nontechnical decisions, including our
>  foundation documents.
>         So current and prospective members of SPI's board may voice
>  their opinions on this mailing list (as may anyone else, for that
>  matter, since list posting is wide open), I see no reason to wait
>  until SPI's board has made an official statement (since that has no
>  bearing, etc).
>         Is there something I am missing about why a Debian GR should
>  wait until the SPI board has time to deliberate on it and tell us the
>  results of their reflections?

A GR should wait - within reasonable time - until developers can have
the information they need for a informed decision. Changing something
important like this without some statement from the people directly
involved in this would otherwise look so rushed that at least my
caution would default me to oppose any change.

	Bernhard R. Link

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