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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 11:56:59 +0200, Bernhard R Link <brlink@debian.org> said: 

> A GR should wait - within reasonable time - until developers can
> have the information they need for a informed decision.

        The constitution specifies the time that the GR needs to be in
 discussion, and the period determined is a  minimum of two weeks.

> Changing something important like this without some statement from
> the people directly involved in this would otherwise look so rushed
> that at least my caution would default me to oppose any change.

        The SPI board is not directly involved in anything Debian does
 to allow other organizations (like the UK debian society) to accept
 funds for Debian.

        At this point, I think you really need to get yourself better
 informed on the issue before you consider voting one way or the

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