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Re: DPL Debate transcripts in preparation

On 18 Mar 2006, Thaddeus H. Black stated:

> I wrote:
>> MJ Ray and I are preparing DPL Debate transcripts
>> now.  I am de-interleaving the fine chaos of the
>> Debate's Part III free-for-all line by line, producing a
>> coherently readable semantical transcript.
> I have just seen the color-coded DPL Debate log Manoj
> has posted [1].  It looks better than the transcript I
> was working on; and with the colors, it's probably just
> about as readable.  I had had the Part III transcript
> about 50 percent de-interleaved.  Does anyone object if
> I abandon the de-interleaving now?  It is time-consuming
> and I am not sure that we need it.  The colored log does
> the job, I think.

        For the record, the transcript was created by MJ Ray using
 irc2html.scm, which he also wrote.  It would be really nice if this
 was packaged for Debian.


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