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DPL Debate transcripts in preparation

MJ Ray and I are preparing DPL Debate transcripts
now.  I am de-interleaving the fine chaos of the
Debate's Part III free-for-all line by line, producing a
coherently readable semantical transcript.  When done
de-interleaving, I should give the candidates 24 hours
to review and comment (regrettably not enough time, but
one oughtn't to hold the transcripts back any longer
than that).  This presumably means that the DPL voting
period will start before the official DPL Debate logs
can be posted.

For the impatient, Don Armstrong has temporarily posted
the raw logs of all four debate IRC channels at


You can read the Debate logs in raw form now there.

On a side note:  The debate panel (David Nusinow,
Martin-Eric Racine and MJ Ray) and I very much
appreciated the many high-quality questions you who
attended the debate fed us live, no less than we
appreciated the thoughtful questions you had e-mailed me
in advance.  The limited time available made it
impossible for us to inject into the live debate more
than a fraction of the questions asked.  No question was
purposely ignored, but I have little doubt that several
questions were inadvertently lost in the chaos.  Live,
it went like about like this:  Martin-Eric (with some
help from me) grabbed as many questions as the panel's
human bandwidth could handle off #debian-dpl-discuss,
pasting directly into the panel's back channel.  The
panel discussed each question with extreme brevity; then
the questions the panel seemed to think most appropriate
and timely, Martin-Eric and I fed directly to the
debate's moderator Don Armstrong.  Most such questions,
Don asked the candidates immediately or at the earliest
available opportunity (and when opportunity arose, Don
asked questions off the pre-debate list, too).  David
monitored #debian-dpl-debate, throttling the panel's
bandwidth to Don to keep us from overrunning him; and
also condensed and reworded questions where needed, and
combined similar questions.  I saved some untimely
questions aside for timelier moments.  Besides serving
on the panel, MJ kept busy managing needed parts of the
debate's technical infrastructure.  Trolls we ignored,
of course, but there seemed to be little of that in any
case.  That's more or less how it went.  If your
question was not asked, these would be the only reasons

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, USA
+1 540 961 0920, t@b-tk.org, thb@debian.org

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