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Questions for candidate Walther

Hi Jonathan!
You might remember my questions from last year[0] regarding the release
process and Xouvert.  As I indicated to you, I do not feel your answers
were in any satisfactory: I still feel quite strongly that the 0.2
release of Xouvert never occurred, and that the 0.1 release was a month
late.  The links in that mail, and my follow-up to your reply, should
all still be valid.  (If it turns out that the xouvert.org content has
unfortunately occurred, not to worry: I have a local mirror I made at
the time, that I'm willing to certify the authenticity of.)

That in mind, I have a couple of additional questions.

 * Are you willing to assert, on the record, that the first two releases
   of Xouvert came out, and came out exactly on time?
 * It was the first priority on your platform this year, and is
   completely and utterly absent from this year's.  Do you still feel
   the release process is important?  If so, do you feel that your
   experience with Xouvert is a help or harm for your release
 * The only other issue you raised in your platform, addressing gender
   imbalance in Debian, is also conspicuously absent.  Do you believe
   that with 0.5% or so of the current developer population[1] being
   female, that the gender imbalance has been addressed?  If so, do you
   believe you helped or hindered this process?  If not, do you propose
   to do anything about it (and what)?
 * Do you believe your delegations to examine the gender process were
   successful?  Would you delegate in this manner again?  If not, how do
   you propose to handle delegations in your term?

Looking forward to your responses.


[0]: http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2005/03/msg00494.html
[1]: Please feel free to correct this figure.

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