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Ted replies to Martin (Re: Questions to candidates Towns and van Wolffelaar: debian-volatile)

On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 10:22:54PM +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
(all other candidates feel free to answer the questions as well.)

1.) What is your opinion regarding the current status of

I just looked it up today.  I like the concept a lot.

2.) Do you think this services should be made an official service of
the debian project? Please give a reason for your answer.

Having up-to-date spam filters and virus scanners in the stable
distribution is a really useful thing.  For that reason, I would like it
to be made an official part of Debian.  However, it must not be done in
a way that burdens the current ftp-team.

3.) What do you think about including a volatile section into the main
debian archive? (How) can this still be handled by the current volatile

Who is on the current volatile team?  They will definitely need to be
Debian Developers.  I am not sure what criteria is used when deciding
that even a DD is "trustworthy" enough to become an ftp-master, so I
suspect there may be some problems there.  The ftp team is fairly hidden
from the project at large; the only way volatile can go in is by talking
to them and figuring out how to make it happen without creating any
security issues.

As DPL, I would like to set up a meeting between the ftp team and the
volatile team to see what it would take.


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