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GFDL vote... convince me

I can't really decide between the original GR and Amendment A.  
Amendment B is obviously incoherent, but this strikes a chord:

  Consequently when judging whether some license is free or not, one has 
  to take into account what kind of restrictions are imposed and how 
  these restrictions fit to the Social Contract of Debian: 

  4. Our priorities are our users and free software 

  We will be guided by the needs of our users and the free software 
  community. We will place their interests first in our priorities. 
  Currently GFDL is a license acknowledged as free by the great mass of 
  the members of the free software community and as a result it is used 
  for the documentation of great part of the currently available free 
  programs. If Debian decided that GFDL is not free, this would mean 
  that Debian attempted to impose on the free software community alternative 
  meaning of free software, effectively violating its Social Contract 
  with the free software community. 

Which makes me lean toward voting 4123 or 4213 (further discussion 
ranked #1) instead of 1243 or 2143...  thinking we really need to work 
this out with the FSF and the community towards a better GFDL v2, not 
issue divisive proclimations.  I certainly don't relish ever having to 
explain to someone why the GNU Free Documentation License issued by the 
Free Software Foundation is in "non-free".

How are you voting?  Why?  Convince me.  :)

Bonus question: Is GPLv3 draft DFSG-free?  If not, why?  :)


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