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Re: Questions to the candidates

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I'll turn the question around - what do _you_ think we're missing or
> not maintaining correctly? The services that I need are working OK,
> but I'm only one person.

I don't know of an important missing service, but I may have only
a limited view.

I'd still like to see a Debian source repository that uses an SCM
system to maintain different versions and branches of the software
we package so people can easily retrieve the changes.

With the snapshot archive this can be done, despite online browsing.

I do see problems, though:
  - packages.debian.org lacks many copyright and changelog files
    (but we're working on this already)
  - snapshot.debian.net lost a large chunk of its archive with
    a disk crash and neither we as the Debian project nor the
    maintainer Free Software Foundation Japan (or was it Debian JP?)
    has a backup.  (this is being worked on as well, though)
  - I don't know how widely torrents of our CD and DVD images
    are used and if we run our own tracker software (or whatever
    is needed).



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