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Re: question for all candidates

* Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [2006-03-07 20:09:11]:
> > When important teams seem to be disfunctional or have a hard time to
> > find a structure that scales into the future I would however use my
> > powers of delegation to restructure the team from the outside. I would
> > only do that after I worked with the team to help it overcome it's
> > issues itself, however.
> If you were DPL right now, which teams would you consider making formal 
> delegates regardless of their wishes?

It would depend on weather I had good additional people that
could make (in my oppinion) a difference in team dynamics and

Important teams I would watch in order of priority:
- Stable security
  There was a security blackout during the summer of 2005, with
  repercussions in the press and public oppinion, hurting the
  Since then Moritz was added as a full member to the stable
  security team. Should the transition to common tracking tools,
  a devision between embargoed/unembargoed (vs stable/testing)
  and a more transparent and open work environment continue as it
  seems to present I dont see any need for any outside
  Given the high profile of Debian's security work I will follow
  the unfolding development closely, though.

- Keyring Mainainance
  The only person working on this is very busy. More redundancy
  and a more user-driven attitude could help a lot. I have been
  talking to the keyring maintainer on several occasions last year
  but we have not yet found a way or a candiate to help.
  Ideas? Nominations?

- Debian-System-Administrators
  The working climate in the team is lacking and communication
  internally and externaly can be improved. Some members are
  extremly busy. I would like the team to become able to add new
  manpower itself. I talked with three of the four admins on the
  phone numerous times during last term and would like to see
  change happening from the inside, first. Lacking that I would
  not wait much longer before intervening from the outside. I am
  certain that my election as DPL would help in that regard, as I
  was told before that since I was not DPL myself, I had no
  authority and could not help.

- FTP-Masters
  Transparency has improved and new people have been added.
  FTP-Masters have problems interacting with some other high
  profile, active developers, though.

- Press   
  Debian could do with an active, outgoing press department. I
  look for people with an outgoing personality, time, excellent
  english and experience with press. Packaging skills are less
  important. I would like local sub-departments with tight
  coordination with the "headquarter".
  Just very recently Alexander Schmehl was added to press@d.o.
  That is a good step forward and we will follow closely, as with
  the security team.

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