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Re: Candidate questions: expulsions process

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 10:36:42AM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> The process to expel a developer is described in
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/08/msg00005.html
> I am not sure whether all expulsion attempts get far enough
> to be recorded on -private or -project as described in
> the process, but DDs can check for traffic on those lists
> involving DPL candidates.  Personally, I find the reasoning
> of delegates slightly more hopeful than a majority vote,
> but the vagueness of it is still unsettling.
> 1. The process "is intended as a last resort" - what steps would
>    you take before initiating or supporting it yourself?

I see the removal of a DD as a failure for the whole project.
The first function of a group is to learn to live together. I don't
think Debian would survive a long time to the removal of developers
unless they clearly violated the DMUP.  Once you start playing power
game, the obvious question is, who will be next ?  So I would not
support it myself.

> 2. Do you believe it would be fair to cite someone's non-technical
>    socio-religious views in the reasoning for or against expulsion?

I sure hope you are not seriously asking that. 

> 3. Do you think the process should be modified and, if so, how?

The good part of the documented process is that it include provision
for early resolution in case of frivolous recourses to it.
I hope it will never get farther.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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