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Re: Question to all candidates about stable point releases

Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> writes:
> I personally don't think it's a huge issue if those point releases are
> not 100% regular, because for the majority it's security updates, but
> it's still good to have them not too far apart, esp. for those updates
> that are not also already distributed via security.debian.org.

Let's look at the point releases for woody. There were 6 updates
after the initial Debian 3.0 release:
3.0r0: 2002-07-19
3.0r1: 2002-12-16
3.0r2: 2003-11-21
3.0r3: 2004-08-26
3.0r4: 2005-01-01
3.0r5: 2005-04-16
3.0r6: 2005-06-02

It looks like the situation improved in 2005 - but 3.1r1 was released
more than 6 months after 3.1r0 (and there's no 3.1r2 yet), so something
became worse again.

> With significantly less effort required each time from the side of
> ftp-master, I think stable point releases can happen more
> regularly. There can be other ways to improve too, but not by direct
> intervention from the DPL role -- a DPL should not want to
> micro-manage.

Who *should* intervene if it looks like a team controlling central parts
of Debian's infrastructure is too busy to do everything it should do?

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