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Re: Question to all candidates about stable point releases

Marc Haber wrote:
> > > and that you seem to want to
> > > build a dependency between a change which is not strictly needed to
> > > make a point release (if it were needed, why was it possible to
> > > release 3.1r1?) and 3.1r2. May I ask why?
> > 
> > The dependency is the other way -- that change needs to happen immediately
> > after a stable update, and this is the first one that's suitable. The
> > reason I think it's a good idea is that it means most of the work can be
> > done by the stable release manager directly during the months in between
> > updates, rather than as part of the update itself.
> Did you talk to the stable release manager before trying to reduce his
> work load?

I remember talking to $ftpmaster 1-2 years ago about being able to
approve package to go into proposed-updates btw.  I think that I
spoke with James though, not with aj - again: not sure about who.



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