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Re: Question to all candidates about stable point releases

Anthony Towns wrote:
> *sigh*

Full ack.

> > For the record:
> > Feb 6th: SRM sends mail to ftp-master trying to negotiate a timeline
> > Mar 5th: SRM sends another mail since nobody replied to the old one
> > Mar 5th: aj complains that nobody answered his mail from Feb 22 about
> >          modificating proposed-updates
> So, really the timeline is:
>   Dec 14th, 2.6.8 and 2.4.27 advisories get released, the first
>             kernel updates for sarge
>   Dec 17th, 3.1r1 gets released
>   Dec 20th, 3.1r1 gets announced 
>   Jan 20th, DSA-946-1 is released for sudo, breaking the buildds,
>             and introducing critical bugs 349196, 349549, 349587, 349729
>   Feb  6th, Joey mails indicating he'd like to release the update
>             at the end of Feb (27th/28th) or a little bit later at
>             the end of February. "let me know if this is ok for
>             you - or if this is not ok for you"
>   Feb 22nd, I mail both Joey (as SRM) and the security team noting the
>             queue changes that should happen "with a stable update
>             coming up"
>   Mar  3rd, Jeroen mails the security team and Bdale regarding whether
>             the patch proposed in 349196 is satisfactory [0]
>   Mar  4th, I mail both Joey and the security team again, having not
>             received a response
>   Mar  5th, Joey complains at not hearing anything,
>             I ask what about the previous couple of mails,
>             Joey tells me I'm not interesting in a stable update
>             Joey replies to the other mail
>   Mar  6th, I try to explain why this needs to happen at the same as a
>               stable update
>   Mar  7th, Joey posts to -vote, at which point you can see what's going on

You forgot to mention that I've answered your mail, you've copied
to the security team again.

Could you explain what Jeroen mail have to do with a stable update?

Maybe you want to add mails from other random people to your timeline
as well?



Given enough thrust pigs will fly, but it's not necessarily a good idea.

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