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Re: NM process (was: Question to all candidates about the NM process)

Le Mar 7 Mars 2006 14:19, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > almost 3 monthes to have an AM
> > 2 days to pass T&S and P&P
> > 5 days more because of a mail of mine, stuck on an SMTP
> > exactly 8 monthes (WTF !?!?!) to have then my account created.
> Did you notice that things have changed a bit since Joerg is acting
> as pre-DAM?

yes, the delay that has been up to more than 10 month, is now (if I look 
at the recent accepted NM's on https://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php) a bit 
under 5 monthes (roughly, I've made no real statistics, though having 
some on the last 6 monthes, instead of the whole NM history would be 

Note that I don't say that people working in the NM queue are lazy or 
anything like that, I don't know how it works enough, and how the 
people that handle it work to have any judgement on that matter. 
Though, even 4 or 5 monthes to have an account created (*and still* the 
6 month to have an AM) are too much.

If a couple of DDs can't deal with the processing of NM's, then it's 
that they have too many things to process. We can't have the NM be such 
a bottleneck. Having more DAM's or more AM's won't help, because the 
problem will happen again, and again, and again.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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