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Re: Question to all candidates about stable point releases

Anthony Towns wrote:
> > > which is to change the queue structure so that uploads don't enter
> > > proposed-updates until approved by the SRM. 
> > I'm wondering why you don't take the more obvious step: add the SRM as
> > an ftp-master for specifically updating stable. 
> I was made an ftp-master for the purpose of maintaining and updating
> testing; so that's certainly an option. ftpmaster work requires a
> different set of skills to release management though, and frankly Joey's
> already got enough stuff to do, without worrying about the nuts and
> bolts of the dak implementation. TTBOMK, he hasn't shown any interest
> in doing that stuff himself, either [0].

I fact I even once wrote that I don't want to become an ftpmaster as
well.  However, releasing stable updates just doesn't work as it
should.  Hence, I've reconsidered and requested to become an

It's true that I already work a lot for Debian, often it consumes most
of my day.  That's why I don't want to take over another duty.
However, things just don't work as they should, and being able to
actually implement the stable update on my own will save me from a lot
of frustration, grief and wasted time.  Hence, it will save me time in
the long term.  Therefore I've reconsidered.
> > I believe that
> > empowering people to fix things themselves works many times better than
> > reducing the amount of work someone else has to do for them.
> Certainly, and that's exactly what the queue changes should achieve
> -- they give the SRM the power to accept and reject proposed updates
> directly, rather than have to supply a list of them to ftpmaster.

These changes are all great and will help problems in the process, but
they don't help finding an ftpmaster to a) respond to mails from the
SRM, b) assign time to implement the update and c) finally do the
update.  It's window-dressing what you're doing here.

> [0] Indeed, you'll see that every single mail Joey sends out about the
>     stable updates includes a disclaimer like "An ftpmaster still has
>     to give the final approval for each package since ftpmasters are
>     responsible for the archive.  However, I'm trying to make their
>     work as easy as possible in the hope to get the next revision out
>     properly and without too much hassle."

This disclaimer is in the status because I don't have permissions to
do the update on my own.

Given enough thrust pigs will fly, but it's not necessarily a good idea.

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