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Re: Questions for all canidates

On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 03:27:03PM -0500, Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
> If you were not running for DPL, which of the other candiates would you 
> most likely vote for (or since you are running, rank as '2' on your 
> ballot)? Why?
> Which of the other canidate's platform statements do you agree with, and 
> which do you not? 

Of the platforms posted, I agree with Lars' the most (in particular,
all his "major goals" exactly match what I think's important), but since
he de-nominated, I don't get to vote for him. At the moment, I'd probably
go for Steve, whose "Technical standards" bulletpoint probably comes closest
to what I think's important.

> If you are elected as DPL, do you think that you will 
> try to implement any goals of the other candiates that weren't in your 
> own platform?

Not directly; I think my platform has enough stuff for me to do. But
given they've already volunteered, I'd probably aim to recruit Steve,
Bill and/or Lars to see what they could come up with as far as making
having arguments in Debian more pleasant; and I'd definitely like to
see Andreas go further on some of his ideas on the "resource allocation"
front. I believe Manoj has already painted a target on Jeroen's back to
get some asistance in the project secretary role.


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