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Re: What if you are not elected as DPL?

* Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> [2006-03-04 10:08:22]:

> Would you also try to reach the goals mentioned in your platform if you
> wouldn't be elected DPL?

yes, as good as I could. Most changes I want to introduce are of
social and gradual nature (not binary) and are dependant on how much
attention people pay to me. DPLs tend to get a bonus of attention
which would help.
> Please be specific if you think one of your goals can't be reached
> or helped with without being a DPL or a member of the DPL team.

I know that when working with some core teams some people felt that me
being only in the DPL team and not being DPL myself was enough to
disregard some suggestions of mine or not take help I offered
seriously. I do hope that being elected DPL will make a difference in
those cases.

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