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2006 DPL debate, 16 March 2006 22:30 UTC

[The post to debian-devel-announce inconveniently lacks a proper
Mail-Followup-To header, because I omitted it.  If you follow up,
naturally please follow up here not there.]

The candidates for Debian Project Leader will debate one another live on
IRC Thursday, 16 March 2006 from 22:30 UTC to 01:00 UTC the following
day.  Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> will moderate the live debate.


What do you want Don to ask the candidates?  Please think of questions
for the candidates now.  This is your chance to get a direct, live
response in the debate arena from Debian's next DPL to the burning
question you think of greatest import to the Project---or to some
smaller question you feel the next DPL should answer.

Don won't give your name; he'll just ask your question.  Then we'll see
how the candidates respond.

Questions written and signed by Debian Developers will be given
precedence, but non-Developers can ask questions, too.  Your question
must be germane to Debian and must be addressable not just to one
candidate but to all the candidates at once.  Similar questions asked by
different people, we may combine.  Questions investigating the
candidates' intent as DPL are encouraged, but questions demanding
ironclad on-the-spot pledges from the candidates will not be entertained
(see the candidates' platforms for pledges), nor will mere badgering or
trolling.  Other than these rules, any question goes: comfortable,
uncomfortable, technical, social, easy, hard, blunt, sharp, big, small;
whatever you think the candidates should answer.  Send me your questions


You don't want Don and me to write the debate questions.  For the live
debate we need panelists to ask follow-up questions and perhaps for
other purposes.  Don and I have the dull jobs because we must remain
neutral.  The panel is where the action is.  So, don't make us write the
questions.  Volunteer now.  Time required: the 2.5 hours of the live


Whether on the panel or not, you can attend the debate live on Freenode
IRC (irc.debian.org) channels #debian-dpl-debate and #debian-dpl-discuss
Thursday, 16 March 2006 from 22:30 UTC to 01:00 UTC the following day.
Transcripts will be published later for those who cannot attend the live

Contact Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> to volunteer for the debate
panel.  Debate questions, send privately to me.  Otherwise, we'll see
you at the debate.

Thaddeus H. Black <thb@debian.org>

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