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Re: DFSG4 and combined works

Le dimanche 12 février 2006 à 22:16 +0200, Anton Zinoviev a écrit :
> GFDL doesn't place any restrictions on the form of the printed
> document.  For example it can be a collection of unbound sheets of
> paper plus some unbound pictures plus some bug maps plus a cup or two.
> All you have to do in order to make such a heterogeneous collection to
> count for one document is to make it completely clear in the copyright
> notice what exactly is the document.  (Optionaly you can provide the
> readers with "table of contents".)

You are just playing with words. The result is that you cannot
distribute the work as a reference card. You cannot distribute a CD with
excerpts from the documentation printed on it. You cannot sell a T-shirt
with some parts of the documentation.
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