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Re: GFDL GR, vote please!

Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> writes:

> On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 12:33:05PM +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> writes:
>> >
>> > I think the following is an useful test.  If the license forbids some
>> > modification that is necessary in order to adapt the document to some
>> > need, then the document is non-free.  Otherwise, that is if the
>> > license does not forbid any necessary modification, the document may
>> > be free.
>> This is no good.  Where is it defined what is "necessary", and who
>> deems what is "necessary"?  What /I/ consider to be necessary may be
>> considered "unnecessary" (and hence, not allowed) by the copyright
>> holders.
> I don't think we disagree what "necessary" means.

Please answer the question I asked: Where is it defined what is
"necessary", and who deems what is "necessary"?

>> As an example, the FSF do not appear to consider the ability to remove
>> invariant sections necessary in the current version of the GFDL for
>> example, whereas I (and others) do.  The reference cards were just an
>> example of this need; aggregate works were another,
> The reference cards do not require the removal of the invariant
> sections.  You can print the invariant sections on separate sheet(s)
> of paper.

This is not a workable solution.  I consider this a case where removal
is necessary.  When does this become so impractical as to be non-free?
When there are 5 pages of invariant sections? 50? 500?

[Don't bother answering this one; the debate has repeated the same
arguments rather too many times already.]

> If necessary I can try to explain better.

You have had ample opportunity to explain properly in the deluge of
posts you have sent over the last few weeks.

Roger Leigh
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