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Re: I cannot vote.

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

> It is the default error message that Exim4 gives if no other message has
> been configured in an ACL.
> Presumably there's a bug in one of the ACLs, or the message could not be
> delivered for another reason that the person who wrote the ACL did not
> foresee.

Since it happens after DATA is sent, presumable it's being bounced by
the check_message ACL in master's exim4.conf.  That ACL has two tests
which do not have messages attached:

  require verify = header_syntax
  require verify = header_sender

A simple message to secretary@vote.debian.org works fine, but if I
take my vote and send it to secretary@vote.debian.org, it bounces.  

Further investigation shows a subtle syntax error in the header fields
of my vote message.

Can the maintainers of master.debian.org please tweak these two rules
to give an error message rather than just "Administrative


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