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Re: General Resolution: Declassification of debian-private list archives

Julian Gilbey <jdg@polya.uklinux.net>
> I see a glaring contradiction here: on the one hand, the opening
> paragraph talks about publishing selected posts: those with historical
> or ongoing significance, but the rest of the GR talks about
> declassifying *all* emails with stated exceptions. [...]

I don't think the opening paragraph is an accurate description of the
proposal either.  I guess it's hard to give an inspiring motivation for
an unethical act like breaking a past assurance of limited privacy. A
more accurate summary would be:

* Debian will start to automatically publish private emails which
  meet certain criteria, regardless of past policy and copyrights.
  There will be very limited opportunity for authors to block
  publication by some to-be-defined process. The default policy
  will be to publish all. DDs can overrule the team by a GR (which
  I though was specified in the current constitution anyway, so
  including it in this GR just adds to the bureaucracy and might
  make it conflict with a future amended constitution... grr)

Fact is, there's an existing process to publish from -private:
ask permission. This GR breaks promises, creates bureaucracy and
Sven Luther seems to suggest it's ignorant of the constitution.

At best, vote to reject. At worst, approve with the amendement.

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