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Re: GR Proposal 2: Declassification of -private

Em Sex, 2005-11-18 às 16:09 +1000, Anthony Towns escreveu:
> Seconds so far:
>    Don Armstrong (original or Manoj's changes)
>    Joey Hess (original only, no comment on Manoj's changes)
>    Wouter Verhelst (Manoj's changes, no comment on original)
>    Bas Zoetekouw (Manoj's changes, no comment on original)
>    Daniel Ruoso (original preferred over Manoj's changes)
> Five's enough to second a proposal, but only if they all second the same
> one :)

I change my position as it seems that's needed to take it to the vote.
I consider the whole proposal more important than the differences
between them, so I extend my second to the original and to manoj's

And, I think it would be interesting to get the process applied to
future content even if it don't passes for the past content. So...

I propose to include an option on the vote for applying the same rules,
but only to future content.


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