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Re: Question: proposals for users' participation

Peter Samuelson wrote:
[Anthony Towns]
Hrm, I'm answering this as a "How will electing Anthony help users
contribute?" question, rather than directly as the "How can user's
contribute?" question it is.
Actually you didn't say anything related to the DPL post.

Oh, sweet then!

Which I take
to mean, "these are all fine ways to get involved, but there's not a
lot that the DPL, as DPL, can do to help or hinder them."

The way the DPL can help those things is by indicating it's a problem
and increasing awareness of it, by being a single point of contact for
people to go to who want to help rather than having their interest just
be lost, and by offering advice and support as they actually do the work.

The release managers have a similar ability to promote reasonably large
changes, but it's fairly restricted to things that will help the release
go more smoothly. Other folks who want to do likewise have a much
tougher job of getting mindshare, and will have to spend a lot of time
just doing things themselves.


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