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Question: proposals for users' participation

I'm not a DD, and I've never before written to any debian-lists other than 
debian-user. I'm running debian on my home computer here in Brazil for a year 
and a half now, and I try to help debian when it's possible (translations for 
ddtd, bug reports). I'd like to hear from candidates what can (should) be 
made to encourage users active participation. I'd really like to support more 
effectively the project, but most of the time I feel my bug reports aren't 
precise enough (lack of knowledge), I can't code...

I really don't have any ideas, just a will, and I think I'm not the only 
one... I am making an effort to write this email (sorry for my english) 
because I think there is little discussion about this topic.


Tiago Saboga.

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