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Re: question for the candidates

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 10:59:13AM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> I see many of good ideas for ways to improve the project in several of
> your platforms. If you are not elected DPL, which of those ideas do you
> still expect to be able to work on? How will you be able to do it
> without the power of being DPL?

I think I answered this question twice already:
and the other time i just pointed to that url. (c:
Just to clarify: I would like to continue to work both on 
- spreading the word on teamwork, leadership, meetings and
  relationships and
- helping people and teams (like with the
  release and ftp-masters team most recently) 
even if i should NOT get elected DPL. 

Note however that I do regard this upcoming vote as an expression of the
Debian developers if they really want what I offer. There is no way to
force this on anyone if he is not interested.

> A side twist for Branden and Andreas: If you're not elected but the
> other scud member is, how will this impact your ability to work on the
> items in your platform? Which items do you think would suffer from you·
> not being the chairman of the skud team? Which items would you still be
> able to work on regardless, and why?

This is really hard to say, because it depends on how much Branden
would listen to me. Worst case would most likely be less then now
since i would try to help him and I might have less time to pursue the
goals that I myself find important.

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