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question for the candidates

This is the question I tend to ask every time, with a twist..

I see many of good ideas for ways to improve the project in several of
your platforms. If you are not elected DPL, which of those ideas do you
still expect to be able to work on? How will you be able to do it
without the power of being DPL?

In the past, IIRC, some DPL candidates have answered that they can't
work on any of their platform planks without being DPL. For what it's
worth, I find that answer unsatisfying, since I'd hope that any
potential DPL who is serious about solving a problem they see in Debian
would find ways to work on it even if not elected, and I think the
approaches they would use in that situation say a great deal about how
they'll lead the project if they are elected.

A side twist for Branden and Andreas: If you're not elected but the
other skud member is, how will this impact your ability to work on the
items in your platform? Which items do you think would suffer from you 
not being the chairman of the skud team? Which items would you still be
able to work on regardless, and why?

see shy jo

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