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Question for the candidates


This question is addressed to all the DPL candidates, although it is mainly
targetted at those of them whose goal/concern is solving communication and
social problems within the project.

Bug #112699 illustrates a typical communication problem in debian.  Since it
is a social problem and not technical, I think this is an issue that should be
addressed by the DPL (not tech ctte, whatsoever).

How do you feel about this situation, and how would you act to attempt solving it?

Note:  I think it is reasonable to expect that you as candidates will actualy
address problems in the way you describe here in case you're elected.  So if you
don't think you can comply with that, please refrain from responding.

(or otherwise I'll shame you publicly, or nag you to death, or other sort
of mental torture, you've been warned! ;)

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