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Re: my thoughts on the Vancouver Prospectus

also sprach Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> [2005.03.15.0448 +0100]:
> 2) Secondly, I understand the writeup Steve posted to be a proposal,

Apparently, a lot of people did not. I also see a difference between
discussing possible solutions (somewhere else than a Wiki) or
voting between alternatives, and throwing out a proposal that is the
result of a lot of brainpower, thus has a somewhat "decided" feel to
it, and then asking people to say "yes" or "no".

Also, just the way that people are using "SCC" -- as if it has been
a part of Debian all along -- makes me feel uncomfortable. It's like
a company that announces a product, which they may or may not
market; however, they already have name, logo, design, and
a marketing strategy for it.

> I welcome discussion, but I would discourage us from fighting
> tomorrow's battle before today's are won.  I exhort all of us
> (myself included[5]) to do our utmost to get sarge releasable --
> on all 11 architectures.  That is a feat to my knowledge never
> approached by any other GNU/Linux distribution.  Sarge is
> definitely something we'll be able to be proud of.


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