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Re: other candidates opinion about project scud

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
I don't see anything particularly formal about the scud team.

It's got a defined membership, for one thing. From Andreas' platform there's also:

 * DPL is chairman of the DPL-team.
 * DPL remains formally responsible for all decisions.
 * Whenever possible, smaller tasks are micro-delegated to the team
   member that is most appropriate for it.
 * Important and/or controversial decisions are made in discussion with
   the whole team.
 * The team meets regularly and frequently (weekly, up to 1h), to
   discuss new issues and review ongoing tasks.
 * It is a real team, each member can represent it and communicate the
   team's viewpoint above personal viewpoints.
 * Public minutes of private meetings are made available where
   discretion allows; likewise, a public agenda is made available in
   advance listing all non-sensitive agenda items, in order to allow and
   invite public discussion and public feedback before decisions are

That sounds pretty "formal" to me... ?


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