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Re: Question: Do you have the time to be DPL?

At Fri, 11 Mar 2005 15:04:26 +0000, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> Given the DPL's role involves a fair amount of travel, speaking, giving
> interviews to the press, etc, do you think that you will have sufficient
> time to do a good job as DPL given your other commitments to Debian?

Yes.  Travelling and speaking is one of the key tasks of the DPL (as I
see it), and something I explicitly considered before agreeing to
nominate.  My employer also employs other Debian Developers, so is
aware of (and understands the implications of) my running for DPL.

> How do you see your other responsibilities within Debian suffering as a
> result of you being elected DPL?  Why is Debian better served by having
> you as DPL rather than in your current role?

My current role in Debian is simply as a maintainer of some fairly
average packages.  I do not see my maintainership of those packages
suffering at all from my being elected DPL.

By being DPL, Debian would gain from my public speaking experience and
management abilities.  I expect my relative independence will also
prove valuable while Debian works through the various problems raised
during this election.

 - Gus

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