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Re: Question: Do you have the time to be DPL?

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 03:04:26PM +0000, Matthew Wilcox wrote: 
> Given the DPL's role involves a fair amount of travel, speaking, giving
> interviews to the press, etc, do you think that you will have sufficient
> time to do a good job as DPL given your other commitments to Debian?

I am sure everyone is familiar with
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnout ? It is a serious medical issue
and a common problem amongst more active DDs.

The position of Debian Project Leader should not be
underestimated.  Being aware of those issues I prepared as well
as i could. As i mentioned in my platform, I will be allowed to
work on DPL issues during work hours. Since Debian-Edu
fundamentially relies on a fit and strong Debian, my employer
supports me running for office. Furthermore I knew how teams can
help to get work done and keep it fun and therefor went for the
DPL team.  Fun is an important antidote against stress and
burnout.  My fellow candidate Anthony will be able to confirm how
much specific personal attacks (like in flames) can demotivate
and hurt. Moral support, also to be found in a team, will help
when they come. 

I am convinced that the DPL team will help considerable to cope with
the coming workload, avoid stress, give moral spport and be fun.

> How do you see your other responsibilities within Debian suffering as a
> result of you being elected DPL?  

With the above precautions in place i think it is realistic to say
that I can continue to work on my presents tasks, even at a slighly
lower rate.

> Why is Debian better served by having you as DPL rather than in your 
> current role?

I can serve in both roles at the same time.

 In this context I would like to point to the very helpful question by
Henning "[...] how will your being DPL make a difference [...]?" and
my passionate answer to that.


I would be in one more team, working on one more task I love with
people I (and a great majority of Debian Developers) know and respect.

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